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ded reluctantly. "Y-yes. I suppose she knows—something." "The same thing was the case," he continued, "on such words as 'bull,' 'serpent,' and 'face,' all of which, you recollect from her dreams, were [212] significant words. Even on the words which

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she did not change the second time there was frequently a marked hesitation. Thus, on the word 'dream' the first time she hesitated a fraction of a second before answering 'Lathrop,' whose name evidently was sugges

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ted to her by his treatment of her nervous troubles and asking her about her dreams. But the second time there was no hesitation when she answered 'Lathrop' to the word 'dream.' The same thing was true of other words which she did n

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ot change. She hesitated the first time, but not the second. They were such groups as 'money-poor-poor,' 'friend-none-none,' 'bottle-stopper-stopper,' and 'glass-empty-empty.'" "What do you think it indicates?" I asked. "From some

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The largest, most complete selection the word 'bean.' It was nearly a second

you can draw your own conclusions," he replied. "They are perfectly evident. She feels alone, friendless, and almost penniless. As to the bean sequence, I am inclined to think she knows much about the Calabar bean—both before and after the use in this case. Perhaps even she knows

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of the drug from it. But whether that knowledge is such that it has given her a first-hand direct acquaintance with the use of it—well, that


is another question. "So, also, she was guarded in her reply to the words 'bottle' and 'glass.' She remembered the belladonna bottle a


nd eagerly seized on the innocuous word, 'stopper,' referring to the ground-glass stopper, no doubt. As to the glass, or glasses, found on Wilfo


rd's desk, which must have been in [213] her mind, because by the words I was planting and leading up to that, she was equally guarded.

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